The Game Capital got its start back when the owner, Jeff, was in college. He had about $200 to his name, so he decided to start selling some of his Pokemon cards on ebay.

The business started in his dorm room, moved to his college studio apartment, then to his parents' living room, his first house in Green Bay, his second house in De Pere and now finally to a warehouse and his very own storefront in De Pere! The business was 100% online until May 5, 2017 when we opened up The Game Capital.

The store is located at 400 Reid Street Suite H, De Pere, WI 54115

We specialize in Pokemon since that is what Jeff and our employee, Cody Walinski (he won 2nd at Worlds in 2016!), are versed in. We carry Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and other Trading Card Games. We also have a variety of Board Games and one of the largest varieties of Funko Pop in the area!

We also have a Used Games Program. Bring us your board games. You pick the price and get Store Credit if we sell the game(s)! See our Used Games Program for more details.

We have a variety of Events at our store every week. Check out our Events Calendar!